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Our Story

MyHabeats is a smartphone application helping people adopt healthy eating behaviors. We do provide an evidence-based alternative, with a psychological model.

The world we live in promotes obesity, this is plain and simple. A lot of scientific research has shown this to be the case. Tasty, unhealthy food is inexpensive, and easy to get. Sugar and fat alters the brain chemistry in a way that makes you want more sugar and fat. If you refrain from eating those foods later you will find them to be even tastier. The world is now designed to promote steady weight gain.

There are around 25,000 apps targeting wellness and weight and fitness management, in the form of fitness trackers, diet & nutrition and lifestyle coaching. We managed as a scientific and technology community to outsource our most important human sensors: ears and eyes to a variety of sensors available in the market. And yet, depression, obesity and diabetes are growing at rates that have been characterized as epidemics! We are now more than ever, more anxious, more stressed and unhappy.

We, at MyHabeats are a team of highly motivated people, scientists with different and complementary backgrounds, passionate about entrepreneurial therapy. For us, healthy living and emotional wellbeing go together. This has been our goal from the beginning, our focus during app development and testing and basically the very success of MyHabeats so far.

We believe that

healthcare is a people business in need of technology, not a technology business in need of people.

Healthcare and wellbeing

It is not only about genetics, but also about behaviors. Feelings and emotions are analog, technology is digital. We long to show the world what digital empathy is about: the ability to actively listen and share analog feelings and digital signals asynchronously; to provide continuity, connectedness, empowerment and engagement to create a sense of being valued and included when using technology.

Our Vision

We see that the future belongs to services and products that focus both on health and happiness, with these values being in the core of their solutions.

A few clicks and wellbeing has never been closer!

Myhabeats was created to help people modify their behavior towards food and ultimately acquire new, healthy eating habits. It aims at behavior modification through an evidence based, breakthrough approach.

Virtual Coaching

In this new, healthy habits conquer journey, users have a companion to guide, advise and support them. By user’s choice, Lino or Lina prompt, support and notify users.


It is very simple, yet attractive to use.

Breakfast-based, 5-meal, daily plan with individualized reminders, notifications and motivating messages. Share meal information, photos and emotions with a convenient scroll down menu. Get feedback and stats about eating behavior.

Currently under beta testing.

If you wish to be one of our beta testers, please contact use at: info@myhabeats.co or Click me

Interaction with peers is highly recommended and promoted

Share experience and best practices, use “Mypoints” exchange. Self-monitoring promotion.

Earn “mypoints” and spend them on our partners’ services and products.

Spend points on: Sessions with psychotherapists – behavior analysts, Gifts and discounts from clothing industry, Special privileges and treatments from food companies, etc.

Our Team

Aikaterini Milioni, PhD


Harry Pappis

Head 3rd Surgical Department at Hygeia Hospital Advisor

Rania Markantonatou, MSc

Creative & Business Development

Evi Neofotistou, MSc

Behavior Analyst

Maria Manolaki

Software Developer

Digital Systems Team

EKPA University of Athens

Katerina Dounavi, PhD, BCBA-D


Lecturer in Behavior Analysis & Autism, Queen’s University Belfast

Konstantinos Albanopoulos

Ass. Professor in General Surgery, Advisor for Bariatric Patients

Panagiotis Markantonatos, MSc

Marketing – Communications

Kirki Schiza, MSc

Marketing – Market Research

Athina Stantzos

Strategy Planning

Donato Taliente

Creative Solutions


This is what our alpha version users have to say about our app!

“I want to learn what others feel and share my experience with them.”
“I want to know why I am a binge eater.”
“Next month I will try and do it even better!”
“Without MyHabEats and with my busy schedule, I would not have succeeded.”
“I liked the reminders because they helped me eating at regular intervals.”
“I stopped eating sweets, feel happier but I want you also to suggest me food choices.”

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